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Traditional hide hand drums made in Plains Native styles, every drum is unique. Each one is crafted with care and precision, ensuring that the sound is as beautiful as the design. These drums are not only beautiful, but they also have a special significance, as they are considered to be the first instrument and represent the first sound we hear in this life: a heartbeat.

Drum Beater Included with each Drum.

Single and Double Sided Available.

Native American Style Drum by Nash Tavewa


Tarahumara Style Drum, Bison Rawhide 18" available in 16"

Tarahumara Style Drum, Double-Sided Bison 15"
Also Available in 14" in 16"



Native American Style Drum by Nash Tavewa

Double Sided Lodge Drum 12", 
Also Available in 10 "

 Rawhide Hand Drum 18", Available in Bison or Elk Rawhide,
Also Available in 16", 17"




Because of Nash's dedication to customer service and personalized attention, online purchases are unavailable. For questions about placing an order or to place an order, please contact directly by phone or email. 

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