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Flutes by Nash Tavewa

Nash Nash Tavewa is a member of the Bene Walash (people of the clouds) or more modernly known as “Zapotec” autonomous community from Oaxaca, Mexico. He comes from a long lineage of master ceramic artists in traditional Zapotec pottery. 

Nash also apprenticed under the guidance of Maestro Guillermo Martinez, where he learned about the art of Native American wooden flute and drum making. Over many years of refining his skills, working with both clay and wood, Nash has become a world renowned instrument maker.

His grounding in Zapotec traditional knowledge manifests in his instruments reinterpreting the traditional musical language and dance. His art practice maintains his ancestor's spiritual beliefs in nature as a sacred and divine living being.

He has great appreciation for his heritage with its rich traditions, ceremonies, dances and music. He seeks to preserve and share this ancient knowledge. 

Visit his website at http://www.flutesbynash.com.