Hand sculpted in clay

harmony flute.

Price: $ 575.00   ​sold

All clay flutes are handmade from terracotta clay,They are carefully sculptured, tuned, and finished with a 12 hour firing to create a one-of-a-kind instrumental art piece.

All products are  handcrafted one of a kind pieces.  Please go to my contact page to order. 

Hand sculpted in terra-cotta clay

Triple drone  flute 

Price: $475.00  

Flutes by Nash

Hand sculpted in terracotta triple snake flute

Price: $375.00   ​sold

Hand sculpted in clay and glazed Jaguar drone flute.

Key of G

Price: $ 375.00  ​sold

Hand sculpted in clay Harmony flute.

Price: $ 375.00    ​sold

quality flutes of the americas

Hand sculpted and carved terracotta clay flute.

Key of F major

Price: $475.00   ​sold