quality flutes of the americas

All products are  handcrafted one of a kind pieces.  Please go to my contact page to order. 

Walnut F# w/inlaid turquoise bands and owl totem.

Price: $ 375.00         ​SOLD

Quality crafted Native American style flutes in a variety of keys and woods . Handcrafted with care and loving attention, in the tradition of Lakota native " Love Flutes" 
 The Native American  style flute is for everyone, whether you are a musician  or not. 

Walnut  with shedua wood mouthpiece available in Low Gm and Low Am  $300.00         In stock

Maple burl with Bolivian rosewood mouthpiece, available in keys of Fm, F#m and G#m   $675.00       ​In stock    

Walnut with Bolivian rosewood mouthpiece available  in keys of Fm, F#m and Gm

$250.00         In stock

Flutes by Nash

Mahogany with maple mouthpiece, hummingbird block Key of G

$275.00          ​sold

Maple with walnut mouthpiece, hummingbird block Key of A

$275.00               ​sold

Walnut with maple mouthpiece key of Am

$140.00        ​In stock    

Walnut F w/inlaid turquoise bands. Beautiful tone

Price: $ 375.00​         SOLD

Walnut with rosewood mouthpiece Key of Em

$275.00          ​In stock