Alaskan yellow cedar drone with maple mouthpiece. Wenge inlaid. Key of G

$375.00   ​Sold

Peruvian black walnut harmony flute. Available in F, C and G, D.        


Shedua wood double flute with walnut mouthpiece. Key of A. $325.00

Jaguar Drone key of F

Made of aromatic cedar 

Price: $ 875.00   ​Sold

Double flutes were originally made of clay and used as temple flutes in ancient Mexico, Now available in wood.

its like having your own accompaniment when you want it. It can be played as a single or two flutes at same time. The drone harmonizes with the flute being played to give a very soothing sound.

Available in most keys

Walnut drone flute with myrtle wood mouthpiece. Key of C#.  $575.00

 All products are  handcrafted one of a kind pieces. Please go to my contact page to order. 

Mahogany Harmony Flute in D  and A with zebrawood mouthpiece. $475.00

Peruvian black walnut drone with zebrawood mouthpiece.

Key of F.


Peruvian black walnut drone, rosewood inlay with walnut mouthpiece Key of G 

$375.00   Sold           

Canary wood double flute with zebrawood mouthpiece. key of A. $325.00

Mahogany double flute key of E with zabrawood mouthpiece. $450.0

 Walnut drone with Myrtle wood mouthpiece available in Key of D

$475.00  Sold          

Flutes by Nash Tavewa

Canary Wood Drone (Double) with Walnut mouthpiece. Key of D


Alaskan yellow cedar drone flute with purple heart inlay. Key of G.

$375.00     ​Sold

Peruvian black walnut double flute with zebrawood mouthpiece. Key of G. $375.

quality flutes of the americas

Harmony Flute

This flute features two harmonizing keys. One side is the key of F, the other the key of high C. Each side has three independent finger holes on the top of the flute and one thumbhole on the bottom of each flute. 

Made of Alaskan yellow cedar with walnut mouthpiece. Also available in G and D

$375.00            ​In stock

Alaskan yellow cedar drone with maple mouthpiece, purple heart wood inlay, Key of F.


Walnut Drone (Double) with Myrtle Wood mouthpiece. Key of D


Walnut drone flute with myrtle wood mouthpiece. Key of low C

$575.00    Sold

Wenge drone, with walnut mouthpiece

available  in the key of A and A#.